Casino Hold'em

Play Casino Hold'em and win real cash by enjoying the game you love! Try your luck at the smooth-looking combo of Texas Hold’em and video poker.


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Casino Hold’em Slot: Win Poker Online

Engage In Casino Hold’em For A Truly Profitable Game

If you are a true believer in classical poker, then Casino Hold’em slot will be a satisfying experience. Thoroughly developed for the highest quality by NetEnt experts. Eye-catching design together with excellent performance makes you think of a good combination of two giants - Texas Hold’em Poker and video poker. The gameplay is set similar to the familiar pattern of Texas Hold’em Poker in the beginning, but as the hand gets into progress, it becomes somewhat of an attempt to beat the dealer and maximise your winnings. And doing so by creating the strongest possible hand according to all standard poker rankings. For you to enjoy slots online, there’s a temptingly high RTP of 98,75 %.

Casino Hold’em Slot: Your Ideal Online Poker

You may say that Casino Hold’em is a simpler casino play version of the all-so-known poker game Texas Hold’em. The similarity with the traditional poker lays in that you also must decide whether or not you can beat the dealer. To do so, you must be making the best five-card hand out of the seven cards you are dealt at the table. You are playing the game against the dealer, not other people. To begin getting closer to your money you need to select chip size and then place it on the Ante circle. After placing the bet, you have the choice of a free AA bet or better side bet. If you are feeling especially lucky, you may play an Aces or better side bet for a possible shot at extra wins. One pair of Aces or better side bet will add an interesting element. One of the options is to choose to place between $1 to $50 in the AA pot. Then if you get to make that pair of aces or better, you can get either 7-fold or 25-fold your bet. You can also possibly place a bet on the AA Bonus circle. That will pay if your hand together with the first three community cards contain a Flush or better: pays at 25/1, or Pair of Aces to Straight: pays at 25/1. The wager will disappear from the poker table if those conditions aren’t met. When you have placed the ante and an optional AA Bonus bet, receive two hole cards by pressing Deal button. Three community cards will be put in the centre. At this point, you may choose to fold forfeiting your ante bet or Call costing 2x your ante. If you Call, the final two community cards are dealt, and your hand is compared to the dealer’s hand. To qualify for the showdown, the dealer must have at least a pair of fours. Tied hands will return your ante bet. The win will be paid out at very attractive rates: Royal Flush – 100/1, Straight Flush – 20/1, Four Of A Kind – 10/1, Full House – 3/1, Flush – 2/1, Straight Or Less – 1/1. Are you ready to try your luck at casino play poker with Casino Hold’em?

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