Deuces Wild

Video Poker Deuces Wild offers a departure from normal by adding the excitement of wild cards. Like volatile Poker? Then this game is for you.


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Video Poker Deuces Wild: Try This Thrilling Game

Online Video Poker Deuces Wild from NetEnt adds a nice twist to the standard game. Deuces Wild is a hugely popular variation of the classic game of Poker, with deuces acting as wild cards and creating extra winning hands. This gripping game also offers players the chance to play up to 25 hands in a single round. For regular gamers searching for an additional perk in the Poker category, this slick offering is a refreshing departure from tradition.

Video Poker Deuces Wild: For Excitement Seeking Poker Players

Video Poker Deuces Wild online game is easy to play and very similar to other video poker variants. Players place their bets and are dealt five cards, with the objective of making the best possible Poker hand. They may hold all five cards or discard up to 5 and receive new cards in the quest for a better winning hand. Wins are based on the strength of this final hand. Bets are between one and five coins, and players can also choose to double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple their winnings. With a minimum bet of £0.25 and a maximum bet of £25.00, this game will appeal to all levels of player. The presence of wild cards means that the minimum hand required to win is 3 of a kind. Although higher than in many other Poker games, this variant offers a truly exciting and far more volatile experience than any other online Poker games.

Slick Graphics And Easy Layout

Video Poker Deuces Wild is a slick, smooth game presented with excellent graphics, for a great player experience. Once the game is loaded, players will see the game’s logo at the top left-hand corner, and the all important payout information displayed to the left of the screen. The various winning poker hands are also shown at the top for reference. The cards are dealt across the bottom of the screen in full view. Underneath the main interface, players will find a section for customising the game to their personal preference. The ‘Hands’ section offers players the option to select multiple hands from a single one up to an impressive 25 hands. The bet level can also be altered here, along with the coin value and the game’s sound effects. Gamers who enjoy high-level stakes can place the maximum overall bet of €62.50 for each round by pressing the ‘Max Bet’ button.

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