TXS Hold'em Professional Series

Are you a poker fan or player? Take a crack at TXS Hold'em Professional Series and measure your wit and skill against the best!


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TXS Hold’em Professional Series: Win Money Online

Play TXS Hold’em Professional Series And Test Your Wit

If you are a fan of online poker, then you are in for a treat. NetEnt gaming has taken a bit of a turn from their popular slot games to bring you this online table game. TXS Hold’em Professional Series is an online table poker game that is appealing to both new players, those who have never played an online version of the poker game before, as well as existing poker players. The gameplay is derived from classic poker and the rules are more or less the same. The game’s seamless graphics and animations enable the players to comprehend the dynamic action, hence understand the game. On top of that, the clean, crisp graphics are an eye candy making the game the first option for many.

Play TXS Hold’em Professional Series For Free On Your Mobile

NetEnt gaming has done it again with this new addition to their gaming arsenal. TXS Hold’em Professional Series online gamewill definitely be added to your list of must-play poker games if you play casino games online. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by getting a dominant combination of cards over his from the two personal cards and the five common cards. The dealer uses the common fifty-two card deck in the game and shuffles the cards before each round. Texas Hold’em Pro Series offers three betting levels, low, normal and high roller. The betting levels have different rates and the range is as follows; low roller gives you a range from 10c to 5€, normal or standard offers the range of 1€ to 40€ and finally high roller is where the big money is and the range here is between 5€ to a whopping 20,000€! TXS Hold’em Professional Series offers an RTP (return to player) percentage, of 97.96%. During the gameplay, the player makes a bet and the dealer deals two hole cards and folding could mean losing the stake. To continue with the game, the player has to double the stake and the dealer deals two hole cards after. If you see three common cards, you have a chance to bid for the stake. But if you wish to continue without making a bid for the stake, all you have to do is say check. At this stage, you are in too deep! You will not be given a chance to fold here and at this stage, the fourth common card is dealt. You then have to either bet or check to continue and last but definitely, the fifth and final card is dealt. At this point, the dealer reveals his cards and compares both your cards. If you win, you get a payout of 1:1 but if the dealer manages to outwit you, he grabs all the chips in the betting area. If you both get the same combinations, it is considered a draw. TXS Hold’em Pro Series offers no progressive jackpot, but with such a high RTP who needs one?

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