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TXS Hold'em Professional Series Low

Video poker Texas holdem low stakes gives you the opportunity to enjoy playing this unique game of poker without stretching your wallet to far

##Video Poker Texas Holdem Low Stakes Play The Professional Way

Texas Holdem is one of the more popular poker games played online today. Attracting serious and novice players, video poker Texas Holdem low stakes is part of the NetEnt pro or professional series. The series offers similar poker games but with significant different betting levels ensuring whatever your stake is you can play this great game.

###Video Poker Texas Holdem Low Stakes Play Made Video poker

Texas Holdem low stakes has a minimum bet of £0.10, and a maximum bet of £5. It is a game in which there are levels for players to advance and is played in several rounds. The objective is to have the best five card game at the end of the game. Each player gets two cards in the beginning known as the “PrivateCards” and there are five common cards which are hidden and known as “Community Cards”. These “Community Cards” are the drawing factor for this version of video poker. The revealing rounds are aptly named as the Flop, the Turn and the River. The challenge in the game is determining which cards can appear and also guess how other players are doing. The game is complex as players will try to mislead you and it is not easy to find out which player is having the winning cards. This makes the game challenging particularly while placing the bet.

###What To Expect On A Video Poker Texas Holdem Table

Bring the casino into your space when you play video poker Texas Holdem low stakes. Seated at the felt gaming table, you feel like a serious player even if you want to keep your wager low. The minimum, maximum bet is displayed at the top left of your screen, hover over it and it will show the paytable. In front of you are the ‘Ante’, ‘Flop’, ‘Turn’ and ‘River’ spaces. In front of you are the buttons that control the ‘Call’, ‘Bet’ and ‘Fold’ decisions you make in the game. At the start of a game, just ‘Call’ is displayed. For subsequent plays, you will see the ‘Rebet’ play last wager, or ‘New Bet’ options. Bottom left you will find the settings that allow you to customise the table, the sounds, speed of the game and the ambient background music. During play, your top poker combo will be overlaid on screen helping with your decision to Bet or Check. Final winning combo’s for both yourself and the dealer are shown in the same way.