Dead or Alive

Do you dream of getting your riches in gold whether dead or alive? Then giddy up and strap on those riding boots because today might be the day.


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Ride the Dead or Alive Slot hard and win

Rob the outlaws in Dead or Alive and make bank

Howdy partner! Do you want to join me on a manhunt to bring in two of the most lawless, cold-blooded killers that the Wild West has ever known? This explains the aim of the profitable dead or alive casino game. The video slot is based on the story of two outlaws that you are to help the Sheriff apprehend and is set in the Wild West. It is considered among the best slots online and it was designed by NetEnt. The game boasts some amazing graphics and bonus features that compliment the free spins game to help the player win big.

Chase the outlaws in Dead or Alive Slot and get the bounty

Any fan of old classic Western movies will be very familiar with the stories of Billy the Kid and Jesse James. These two Wild West gunslingers lived a very adventurous, dangerous life and a day without a shootout for them was very rare. They had bounties out on their heads all through the vast American West. These bounties would be paid whether they were brought in dead or alive. History, however, has made them some of the most adored villains of all times. The memory of these two outlaws will never die now, as they have been immortalised in a online slot called Dead or Alive, featuring ten-gallon hats, guns and hard liquor. The wanted poster is the wild symbol in this game and a pair of pistols represent the scatter. The graphics are high quality, heightened by a soundtrack of whistling and the blowing of the wind. Gunshots and a lonesome dog barking in the background really make you feel like a cowboy in the Wild West. This game has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. There are wild symbols, a scatter and a free spin bonus game. When the bonus game is activated, players get a chance to double their winnings and make some great money. This game is now ranked at the top of all other slot games due to its cult following. It is available online and on mobile devices, so check it out!

Capture those rebel free spins and win double

Be sure to watch out for those guns, as they are used to trigger the free spins feature of the game! They could win you a huge £54,000 when the free spins start. If you obtain three gun symbols at once across the reels, you will receive 12-29 spins with all wins doubled. Another amazing feature of this games free spin is that the wanted poster will appear as a sticky wild all the way through this feature.

Up your stakes to 2500 times with a Bonus

Just like in the Wild West, there is always a chance to strike gold around the corner when playing Dead or Alive. The free spins bonus can get you up to 2500 times your stake. When they combine with the sticky wild bonus feature you really need to pay attention, because this creates a chance to win the biggest jackpot of your life!

Explore the Wild West at redbet online casino

From the American wild west to the British mobile casino, is how you could describe the journey of the Dead or Alive slot by NetEnt. Fans of online and mobile casino games in Britain can now experience the number one ranked video slot in the world for themselves. This is attributed to the online casino redbet and its entry into the UK market late last year. Dead or Alive has enabled many players worldwide to win very big cash prizes ranging from £28000 to £89000. These wins are attributed to the mobile casino games generous payout percentage of 97%. It is well worth a try for that jackpot!

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