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Dragon Sisters

Play Dragon Sisters at redbet, tame the Sisters and trigger those Dragon Re-spins for epic wins on double the reels!

Dragon Sisters - Enter the Dragon

This offering from our friends over at PUSH Gaming brings double the fun but double trouble. It’s never good to get between two fiery sisters, let alone these two. I mean a clue is in the title, “Dragon Sisters” certainly doesn’t give the impression of an easy ride now does it!?

#A Sister Act over Two Reels

The signature characteristic of Dragon Sisters is that it is a slot played over 2-reel sets. Both are 25-line including 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel. Stakes range from 0.25 to 100.00. Each sister appears on their own ‘unique’ reel with their corresponding dragon (yes, each has a dragon!). Dark Sister and Red Dragon in the top reel set and Light Sister and Blue Dragon the bottom reel set. RTP is 96.73%.

#Fiery Reels and Wilds at the ready

Dragon Sisters’ 2 reel set up not only potentially provides twice the wins, it is fundamentally intertwined with the highest pay-out feature. Aside from this however, with WILD symbols that substitute for all symbols, big wins can be had in standard play also. With 2-reel sets playing simultaneously , keeping track of wins can get tricky at times!

#Dragon Re-spins till the end

The ultimate aim for any player of Dragon Sisters has to be triggering the Dragon Re-spins. In itself, starting this feature is not generally all that tricky however do bear in mind the great potential at play. Therefore it is making the most of it that counts.
In simple terms having a dragon appear on your reel will trigger Dragon Re-spins. If it is a red dragon (top reel only remember!) then a full stack of wilds will appear on the entire reel below, corresponding to that in which the dragon appeared. A re-spin then takes effect. If no blue dragon appears on the bottom reel then all wins at this point are counted and wins paid. End of feature.
If however, a new dragon (blue of course!) DOES appear then 3 randomly placed wilds and a re-spin are triggered on the top reel. Re-spins will continue as long as new dragons are hit after the re-spin.
Hopefully until ALL symbols are wild and thus, the biggest win achieved!

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