Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Driver: Multiplier Mayhem is an adrenaline filled race to riches. Full of pleasant surprises, it will send you rocketing to the winner's circle!


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Win Money With redbet - Play Driver: Multiplier Mayhem Slot

Live Fast And Play Driver: Multiplier Mayhem

Driver: Multiplier Mayhem is the game to let you live as fast as you have always wanted! Money, cool and edgy racing buddies, girls and expansive highways to roll down on an adrenaline filled star-studded night of winning! All this is brought to you via NetEnt, the world’s premiere slots online provider, in a superb game. You are offered free spins so you are never out of gas and one bonus after another to keep your victory lap running. If ever there was more to ask of a slot game, it would be to take this game with you. Even that wish is granted as you can play on your mobile!

Driver: Multiplier Mayhem Slot: To Victory And Beyond!

Driver: Multiplier Mayhem is a new slot game offered by redbet, an online casino that lets you play casino games. It is as fun and as mobile as the characters in the game. With NetEnt technology allowing you to play anywhere and anytime, from the comfort of your own home to the workplace, this race keeps going! It has 5 reels so you already know that there has got to be bonuses! This game is a gift that just keeps on giving! Each reel has a wild symbol to boost your winnings to high-octane figures. Furthermore, the wild on each reel has a respective multiplier. For example, reel two has a 2x multiplier, reel three a 3x multiplier and every other one through to reel 5! Driver: Multiplier Mayhem keeps your rev counter in the red with paylines of up to 120 times your original bet. In order to activate the free spins, you need to collect three scatter symbols. The free spins are themed as races against other characters in the game, so you could stay on the edge of your seat. If you collect 3 nitro symbols you are pitted against the next racer so you could keep your foot on the pedal for longer! You will be hoping for a big win just so you can see how glorious your car looks at high speed!

Rev Up For All-Too-Essential Free spins

In order to activate free spins, you have to collect three scatter symbols in a spin. Thereafter, you will get to see your character, Jette, go up against the other racers: Twitch, Hamaki the cigar smoking kid and Bruiser. A win here will earn you a prize of an extra free spin. During the race, you get to pick up more free spins in the form of nitro, to boost your earnings even more!

Bonus Rounds To Keep The Good Times Rolling!

As with all good slot games, a bonus round has to exist. When you have an exceptional game like this, you cannot afford to expect otherwise. I mean, you are making money in multiples of 3 digits just playing this game! This occurs as you stack the wilds, multipliers, scatters and free spins. Add to these the nitro symbols during the free spins and you have a mega bonus of 120 times your bet. Thereby sending your earnings sky high along with your adrenaline levels!

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The game has some resemblance to video slot machines that have videos onscreen instead of actual rolling slots. In conjunction with its amazing gameplay, it has quite a tranquillizing use of colour in that they use navy blue to ease you into gameplay mood. The animation is well done at all times. The car constantly looks like it’s moving in tune with your money-making moves and the city glimmers and beckons you to live the night of your life. redbet is an online casino in the UK that provides you with this slot and other casino games on your mobile. This game, as well as others on the site, uses NetEnt technology to make it portable on your phone and playable anywhere. You just need a reliable internet connection via WiFi, 4G, LTE or any other source of connectivity. Then you can play and go!

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