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Eastern Dragon

The Eastern Dragon makes slots fun and easy. Join it in its hoard as it gives you more free spins than you'll know what to do with.

Eastern Dragon Slot: Slots On The Go

Bring Home the Treasure Of The Eastern Dragon

If you love to play slots online, then the slot game Eastern Dragon by Nyx is here for you. Its oriental theme will have you thinking you’re playing a proper Chinese slots game. The music is relaxing and almost meditative, and it is enhanced by the imagery within the game. The dragon and the coins are symbols of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. In this game, the coins can bring you a win with only two identical symbols. The dragon brings you luck as a wild card, rewarding you with 15 free spins with triple winnings. If your wild card is a part of your winning combination, your bonus multiplier is doubled to six times.

Harness The Luck Of The Eastern Dragon Slot

Aside from the dragon and the coins, Eastern Dragon features other oriental symbols like koi carps, lanterns, firecrackers and lotus flowers. A calligraphy style font tops it all off for an aesthetic theme. Spin bets can be as little as 20p, with a maximum of £40. It features 20 paylines across five reels, with opportunities to form winning combinations even pairs. While most symbols need a matching trio, the koi carps, lanterns, firecrackers, lotus flowers and coins only need to be a matching pair. However, a winning combination of five koi carp will net you 150 times your stake. The bonus round of 15 free spins is triggered by having the wild card dragon on both the first and fifth reel. If the dragon is a part of your winning combination during these spins, your multiplier is doubled to six times. But that’s not all : Eastern Dragon lets you extend this bonus round. If you spin both dragon wild cards during your free spins, you will trigger an additional 15 free spins! Online slots no longer have to be restricted to your computer, now, either. While you can play on desktop as you may have always done, a new feature brings this slots game to mobile. Whether you’re looking to pass time during your commute or relaxing at home, you can enjoy the oriental tunes on both your smartphone and your tablet.

Triple Your Payout With Neverending Free Spins

Nothing makes playing slots better than being able to claim free spins. Free spins are awarded by two wild cards and offer triple payouts. With the ability to trigger these spins, whether you’re paying for the spins or not, there is the opportunity for a seemingly endless spree of winning big for no cost!

Luck Of The Eastern Dragon Brings Another Bonus

As if the possibility for endless free spins wasn’t enough of a bonus, the appearance of a dragon can make everything a little bit sweeter. If a dragon wild card is a part of your winning combination, another bonus appears. During free spins, your winnings are three times the regular payout. The dragon’s luck gives you double this, paying out six times the regular payout for a combination featuring a dragon.

redbet - A Serious Online Casino For Your Mobile

redbet is an online casino that has recently become available to players living within the UK. Eastern Dragon is just one of the online slots games they offer among many others with a theme for everyone. They differ from other online casinos, though, in that registration to the site is free. You also receive a bonus when you sign up. Instant play and quality software allow you to play slots in the comfort of your home, relaxed and free of the stress factors of a physical casino. Many of their popular games, including Eastern Dragon, are also available as a part of their mobile casino, giving you the ability to play anywhere you like. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach with your iPad or lying in bed with your Samsung, you can spin and win.

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