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Prove to be the better adapted species of them all. Survive the Evolution slot as you reproduce loads of money through your wins.

Win Money at the Battle for the Fittest Species at the Evolution Slot

Inherit a Fortune from the history of Evolution

A turning point in the history of life forms was during the Cambrian evolutionary period. It is marked by an explosion of some very diverse life forms. The Evolution game slot from NetEnt has captured this piece of history pretty well, through the diverse characters and general theme. This is a unique 3D slots online game. It introduces some very intriguing characters, including fish with arms and ferocious teeth and the Draconius Rex, which is one of the highest paying bonus symbols in the game. This game offers players lots of opportunities for free spins and 25 fixed paylines. This may not seem many, but the payouts are good and fixed at a percentage of 96.3%.

Adapt and Survive the Evolution Slot

Darwin’s theory of evolution talks about the natural selection of species. This means that better-adapted organisms are more likely to survive and pass copies of their genes to the next generation. This theory is the theme that has been adapted by the Evolution slot - one of the new casino games from NetEnt. This game is set during the Cambrian explosion about 500 million years ago. The characters in this mobile online slot are based on complex forms of life that lived during this age. They include squirrels with wings, sloths with illuminating tails, snails with fins and a jerboa with feathers. The game consists of 3 rows with 5 reels and 25 fixed win lines. It has an adjustable coin level and a bet range from € 0.25 to € 125. This game has an estimated payout of about 96.3% and a maximum win per spin can see you winning up to 176 times your stake. This is one of those casino games filled with lots of features and symbols that help you win every step of the way. The bonus features include free spins, a bonus game and a gamble game and it also boasts lots of wild, scatter and bonus symbols.

Adapt to Free Spins and Win

The free spins symbol in this game is very important for the player. The more symbols you get, the higher the multiplier and the number of spins that you are rewarded. If you get 3-5 spin symbols, your multiplier range is 4-100 and the free spins range from 10-20. This feature also helps trigger the famous Evolution bonus.

Evolutionary Bonus Jackpot

To survive well in any slot game you will need to rely on the Bonus features and Evolution has a myriad of these. The main ones to look out for are the free spins, wild symbols and the bonus game. There are other extra features that will also help you to win, particularly the Draconius Rex symbol that activates the jackpot when you collect five of a kind.

redbet slots Evolving your Mobile Experience

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