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With this video slot game, you can revisit the world of Dr Frankenstein. Win riches with this exciting visual adaptation of the legend.


Frankenstein Slot: Win Money While Experiencing The Legend

Frankenstein Video Slot Is Exciting

This slot game is designed to bring back the legend of Frankenstein. The opening video is an ominous sign with grave robbers, lightening and a mansion on a hill. NetEnt slots have crafted a game that differs from other online betting games. The slots online game can be played from the comfort of home and has the effect of a traditional casino. The added free spins bonus means you get value for money while enjoying. The game offers excellent options for a stress relieving session for professionals and amateurs. The setting is beautifully crafted, and based directly on Mary Shelly’s book, with stone walls and experiments lining the room. Playing cards represent the symbols but if you spin a brain in a jar, a monster or even the doctor you are in for a bigger win.

Frankenstein Slot: A Peep into the Creepy Legend

Frankenstein is an online slot game and contains all the features. There are symbols which make the game unique, like Fritz the servant, Dr. Frankenstein and even the monster itself. These symbols also increase your winning chances so be on the lookout for them. The game is a five reel game with three rows. The 20 paylines video slot brings together the monster from the 1930’s movie to real life allowing you to create your own money. The game works on wilds which are the mainstay of slot games. There are two kinds of wilds viz. the Lightning wilds which are in the main game and the Fire wilds which are in the free spin version. These are known as the linked wilds and make the most exciting feature of the game. The wilds change two neighbouring symbols. The electric current simulation is the feature which will bring you closer to the story. The game is becoming very popular among casino games. The game is being relaunched to tap in the smartphone users domain. The app that launches the game can be played over a Wi-Fi connection. The mobile version has been simplified further to encourage youth to dabble in the world of slot games. Soon, the game will dazzle players all across the world with its new features.

Free Spins With Wilds and Scatters

It is possible to activate spins for free using wilds and scatters in the Frankenstein slot game. Land yourself three windmills and you will be awarded 10 free spins. Two scatters give five extra spins and three scatters activate 10 free spins. Additional spins are provided on the mobile version for popularising the game. Download today on your smart phones and enjoy!

Bonus Makes The Game Even More Exciting

But how can you increase your earnings? Getting scatters can be an easy way to achieve the wilds which help increase your winning chances in this game. The bonus in this game can be achieved by landing the lightning symbol; it is represented by a silver disc and if it lands on reels two, three or four there will be an arc, which will turn two or more adjacent symbols into additional wilds. This increases your chances and potential earnings. Always be on the lookout for windmills and lightning symbols for free spins and bonuses. There is also a fire wild feature in the bonus round which replaces the lightning wild feature. The fire wild is guaranteed on every spin of the reels during this special round. So you are sure to create your own money.

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