Jurassic World

Play Microgaming’s Blockbuster slot now at redbet. Bonus features and free spins on epic levels in this slot powerhouse!


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Jurassic World - Enter Jurassic World, if you dare

One of the Blockbuster releases of 2017 is here in all its ferocious glory! Our friends over at Microgaming have created an absolute ground scorcher to match the movie, even if on sheer impact alone. Very closely aligned to all major themes found in the movie franchise of course, dinosaurs run amok throughout the reels. Nowhere is this more on show than when triggering one of the 3 (yes 3!) different bonus games – but more on that later! Let’s just say that with a fantastic interactive layout, fast becoming synonymous with the Microgaming brand, this Jurassic slot certainly packs a punch.

Mind your step or you’ll awake the beasts

Much in the same vain as previous Microgaming releases, Jurassic World online slot sticks to a 5-reel classic layout with 243 win lines. Coin value ranges from 1p to 25p providing for per spin bet value pf between 30p and £75. RTP stands at a very healthy 96.67%.

If they come, you better SCATTER

There are an abundance cracking features on show here. In order to trigger these one must achieve 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels at any given time. Once done however, players will be hard pressed to find a slot out there with the shear crispness and scale of those on show here. Compiling of movie clips and snippets on a different level it is certainly not the production that leaves room for criticism. Let’s hope the resulting wins don’t either!

On land, in the air or in the water – they are EVERYWHERE

With exactly the kind of names one would expect from a dinosaur themed slot, free spin bonuses here, it is fair to say, are top drawer. The basic variations on offer are;
Tryanosauras – 12 Free Games and Wild Reels. T-Rex can turn all reels Wild or simply as a Stacked Wild.
Velociraptor – 12 Free Games, Split Wilds and random wild multiplier of 4x, 5x and 6x. Velociraptor can also appear stacked.
Triceratops – 12 Free Games, Running Wilds, Re-spins and stacked nudges. Triceratops is also stacked.
Great variation in show and all top features as ‘stand alones’ – let alone having the option of all three in one slot.

The long necked Brachiosauras may pay you a visit

At any point during play, if you hit a Brachiosauras (sounds scary!), a mystery multiplier will be applied. Maximum available is 6x for 4 spins.
As odd as it may sound, if a Dilaphosauras pops up and spits at a symbol on your reels, that symbol becomes Wild. If by being Wild, this in turn results in a Win Line – it stays Wild for the next spin also.

The Mighty Indominus Rex

At ANY given moment, upon hitting a win something spectacular may happen…the imposing figure of Indominus Rex may pop up and take a stroll across your screen. Generally, a ferocious dinosaur walking in is to say the very least, not great. Well not in this case. Indominus Rex can multiply any win up to a maximum 1000x (yes, I said 1000!) the original amount. I think it’s fair to say, he can pop round to mine during a slot session anytime he likes!

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