Lost Island

Get lost in this uncharted Lost Island as you explore the beautiful, mystical forest in search of treasure and the way back home.


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Lost Island Slot - Win Money Online

Explore The Mystical Forest Of The Lost Island

Welcome to the Lost Island, a slot game by NetEnt that takes you to a mystical forest on an uncharted island and leaves you to find your way. The fantastical art and calming background music make one of the easier video slots online to feel relaxed playing. It features a wild multiplier which will help you to reach the huge possible jackpot, as well as plenty of free spins up for grabs and other bonus features. Who knows what you’ll find on an island like this, all you need to do to start exploring is start playing on either desktop or mobile.

The Mysteries Of The Lost Island Slot

The Lost Island slot is played on five reels with twenty pay lines. It’s symbols come in two groups. The first is the familiar Royals group of ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The second features strange exotic objects that seem to belong to a lost tribe. They include a drum, jewellery, a coin and other artefacts. A beautiful blooming purple flower appears as the wild card and brightens when it seems on the grid, powering the Wild Multiplier. The more flowers that are present, the higher the multiplier you receive. A golden disc with a turtle on it appears as the game’s scatter icon, and it’s rainbow shell sparkles every time it lands on the reel. These turtles, if enough are found, will reward you with free spins. Whether you’re looking for a fun new game to make money with, or you’d just like a new video slots game to play on mobile, why not give Lost Island a try.

Free Spins, A Gift From The Turtles

The turtle coin scatters symbols reward free spins. To trigger this bonus feature, you must land at least three scatter symbols. The more symbols you land, the more spins you get. Three turtles will earn ten spins, four will earn twenty and five will receive thirty. Even better, it is possible to earn more free spins if you land three or more scatter symbols during your free plays.

The Magic Of The Wild Multiplier Bonus

The Wild Multiplier acts as an ever-present bonus in the Lost Island. The Wild Multiplier is found above the table, and every time at Wild lands, it will fill up the multiplier by one for as long as it is on the reel. This means the multiplier will change every spin, and that you can have a bonus multiplier of up to five times your stake.

The Jackpot Lost In The Forest

All of the bonus features in the Lost Island combine to create a huge jackpot. During your free spins, a sticky wild will remain in the centre of the grid. This allows for better chances of wins, but also of better chances of being able to get all five wilds needed for a full multiplier. If you can get all five wilds, and get a five of a kind of the red coins, you would receive a massive jackpot of 2,500 times your original stake.

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