Panda Pow

Panda Pow is a fantastic online slot that comes with a Chinese theme and offers fantastic bonuses, free spins, and a huge jackpot.


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Panda Pow: Fight For Coins Like A Panda

Panda Pow online slot is a unique take on a Chinese theme in the slot world. It is a breeze of fresh air when it comes to this heavily exploited topic, as it deals with it with humour and lightness, that are hard to find in other titles of this kind. The producer of this game, Lightningbox, will take you on an adventure to Asia, where you will meet a very intriguing panda. It knows kung-fu and is ready to fight you for all the coins it keeps as its treasure. However, if you are not afraid of facing this furry martial arts master, you might be able to have a proper spin of the reels and even win the jackpot! For the bravest ones, who dare to really put up a fight, there are also bonuses like free spins to unlock. Do you have what it takes to get money from the panda?

Free Spins From The Feisty Panda

To trigger the free spins feature in Panda Pow you will need to land at least 5 scatters on the reels at the same time. The scatter in this game is the Kung-Fu Fighting Panda. Five of those will grant you 5 spins, 6 will give 8 spins, 7 grant 12 spins, 8 equal 15 spins and finally, 9 pandas will give you 20 free spins. The feature can also be re-triggered and in total amount to 40 extra spins.

Win The Jackpot And Check Your Martial Arts Skills

The jackpot in Panda Pow is equal 500 coins. To win it, you will have to follow the secret panda path and learn all the steps on your way to become a true kung-fu master. Only then you will be worthy enough to receive the jackpot from the panda masters.

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