Phoenix Sun

Rise With the Phoenix Sun With Free Spins, Bonus Features and a Huge Jackpot. Join the Egyptian Gods and Share the Treasure of the Pharaohs.


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Phoenix Sun Slot - Win Money Online

Retrieve Your Wins From The Phoenix Sun

Designed by Quickspin, the Phoenix Sun slot is a great online game comparing to other video slots. The theme focuses on the mythical creature, the phoenix. It is a bird that bursts into flame when it dies, only to be reborn from the ashes. Egyptian gods join the party against a background of the great pyramids. With 243 ways to win and playable on any device that can support slots online, it offers free spins, bonus features and chances at a great jackpot. Bring the phoenix back to life with the Phoenix Rising Re-spins feature to put the Phoenix Wild card to work and increase your payouts.

The Rise Of The Phoenix Sun Slot

The Phoenix Sun online slot is played on five reels. There are more than two hundred ways to win and two bonus features, with bets being anywhere from 25p to £100 per spin. The Egyptian theme becomes a part of the specialty logos. Lower value symbols are made up of the royal symbols: Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The higher value symbols are the Egyptian gods Anubis and Bastet, along with a scarab, and two pharaohs, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra. There are two types of wild in this game. The regular yellow wild works like a normal wild no matter which mode you are playing in. The phoenix wild, however, appears only in the normal mode and not in the free spins. This is because the phoenix wild plays an extra role with a feature called the Phoenix Rising Re-spins which replaces random tiles on your reels to increase your chances of winning. There is also the chance at free spins which can lead to a huge jackpot payout. If you’re looking for a new video slots game to play on your mobile, why not give Phoenix Sun a try.

Fire Away With Free Spins

The Phoenix Rising Re-spins feature is just one part of the free spins. By collecting five phoenix wild cards, you will unlock eight free spins. These spins will use the same five reels but will use six rows instead of only three, giving you more than seven thousand different ways to win.

The Phoenix Rising’s Bonus

When a winning combination contains a phoenix wild, the bonus feature called Phoenix Rising Respins will trigger. In this feature, the phoenix wild card will destroy three squares from the grid above the reels and then a bonus free spin will be triggered. This will continue until there are no phoenix wilds in the winning combinations or until the entire grid above the normal reels is cleared. Once this grid is cleared, the free spins will trigger instead.

Rise With The Phoenix And Claim The Jackpot

Unlocking the free spins feature in the Phoenix Sun slot can lead to a huge jackpot. During the eight free spins, the entire six rows are available for play rather than just the regular three. This means that there are 7,776 different ways to win, and giving you the potential to win a jackpot of more than a thousand times your stake on your free spins.

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