Secrets of Atlantis

Secrets of Atlantis Offers A Mysterious And Immersive Slot Experience, Full Of Mermaids And Precious Gems. Explore The Sunken City And Cash In!


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Secrets Of Atlantis Slot: Win Money While Exploring A Sunken City

Secrets Of Atlantis Lets You Explore A Deep Sea Full Of Treasure

Secrets of Atlantis is a online slot game from the exciting developer NetEnt. In this beautifully designed game, you’ll get to explore the ancient myth of Atlantis: the sunken city-state. Against a backdrop of the mysterious underwater ruins of Atlantis, you’ll interact with beautiful mermaids while you spin reels full of treasures and creatures of the deep sea. Clams full of pearls, tortoises, and gems are some of the symbols you’ll have to line up across the five reels. The bonus game is an unusual so-called Highlight feature, creating a Colossal symbol that will help you uncover the truly valuable treasures of the deep blue sea. The mermaid is a mysterious beauty who will show up from time to time, and act as a wild symbol to help you win big. The music is well-produced and sets the perfect mood for exploring the eerie ruins of this sunken civilisation. For a great jackpot make sure to land five of the precious pearls, and you’ll get a payout of 400 times your bet!

Secrets Of Atlantis Slot Is Full Of Mermaids And Sea Creatures

NetEnt’s new offering among its lineup of casino games has a lot of atmosphere and creates a great sense of mystique. To the eerie tunes of its soundtrack, you’ll spin five reels with 25 different paylines. The symbols on the reels are deep sea pearls, different gems, jellyfish, and crabs. The elusive but beautiful mermaid makes occasional showings as the wild symbol, helping you expand your winning paylines. The developers of Secrets of Atlantis have really created another hit with this immersive underwater adventure. While the game has no real free spins feature, the Highlight feature offers an exciting innovation. The middle three reels have highlighted symbols, and if you land them all at once, these reels will turn into a Colossal symbol, covering all three middle reels. Secrets of Atlantis allows instant fun and play, and can be enjoyed on mobile devices as well as stationary computers. So dive down and enjoy this great adventure while you scour a lost civilisation for its riches.

Spin The Five Reels And Get The Colossal Symbol Re-Spin Bonus!

In Secrets of Atlantis, the bonus game comes in the form a highlight symbol feature. The middle three reels have a number of highlighted symbols. If you land these so that all three reels show only highlighted symbols, they will turn into a Colossal symbol, a single huge symbol. You then get a re-spin, with all three middle reels being the same symbol. This bonus really increases your chances to win big!

Solve The Mystery Of The Sunken City And Hit The Jackpot!

Like all great slot games, Secrets of Atlantis has a big jackpot. The best paying symbol is the rare and coveted deep sea pearl. If you land five of these after your spin, you’ll secure a jackpot of no less than 400 times your bet! Since the maximum bet is £200, your winnings can be quite substantial!

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