Six Appeal

Six Appeal ushers you into a virtual casino with an immersive gameplay experience, lots of chances to win and a massive multiplier jackpot


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Six Appeal Ushers You Into A New Casino

Although most slots online games do not present the whole gaming machine to you, choosing instead just to show you the screen, Six Appeal online slot steers away from this norm. Realistic games give you a full gaming machine on your computer or mobile screen, so you have the complete look and feel of gaming in a casino. The theme of this game is a vintage one with the look of a full gaming machine with music that plays softly so as not to distract you from your gaming. Apart from this game being available on all the main computer and mobile platforms, it is also touch-compatible making it easy to spin every slot easily on touch screen computers. In addition to all the above, this game still gives you chances to win the jackpot as well as free spins. The symbols and overall graphics do very well to keep the vintage look and feel that this game goes for alive.

Dice Will Win You Free Spins

Blue and red dice are the keys to winning free spins. When either of these dice appears, the number of spins awarded is calculated by multiplying the values of the blue dice. All the wins in the free spins mode are multiplied by the value of the red dice which means players can win up to 216 spins with a multiplier of up to 12x.

A Massive Jackpot Awaits You

Six Appeal has a huge jackpot of a 40,000x multiplier. To get this multiplier, you have to get six keys symbols to appear on a payline. The six appeals symbol is the wild, and for the jackpot, it does not have to appear on the payline because it can substitute for any symbol on the payline to create winning combinations.

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