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Steam Tower

The game brings to life the Victorian era. Climb the Steam Tower to save the damsel and win the jackpot while enjoying the game.


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  • Win Money In The Victorian Era With Steam Tower Slot

    Steam Tower An Adventure Theme With A Difference

    The Steam Tower 3D slot game is one of the many adventure-themed games available online on computers and mobile devices. It is the graphics and features of this game that make it stand out from the crowd. NetEnt has carefully loaded this game with user-friendly features, making it an easy game for starters. This slots online game consists of fifteen paylines with three rows. The symbols are mostly images of a dragon’s eye, a damsel in distress and a dragon hunter along with some letters. You get free spins when you get the wilds in the form of the hook of the dragon hunter. The bonus is the X7 multiplier which helps you come closer to the daily jackpot.

    Play The Steam Tower Slot And Save The Damsel

    Steam Tower is a game which is generous when it comes to free spins getting triggered. The main character is the moustachio dragon hunter who is there to save the damsel from the fire breathing dragon. The character is also the wild that triggers free spins which are the main feature of the Steam Tower game. With its graphics, the game really suits the mobile gaming platform. The new element that you can find in the game are the difficulty levels. No other slot games offer these differing levels of difficulty, and only an experienced player can reach the top of the tower to become a part of the progressive jackpot. With every level of the tower being crossed the multiplier increases. There are six multipliers from two to seven and the regular stacked wilds trigger them with free spins. If you play casino regularly, then this might be just the right challenge for you.

    Free Spins And Multipliers Are The Main Features Of This Game

    Free spins do get triggered easily in this 3D slot game, but you need a completely covered reel for this to happen. The bonus free spins game leads you to the steam tower with 16 floors, and each floor has new challenges. Each floor has multipliers which make the game really rewarding.

    The Bonus Game Has A Really Nice Storyline

    The Bonus game brings to life the fairytale of saving the damsel in distress. Climbing to the top of the tower is quite challenging, but with some practice, you will get the hang of it. Steam Tower’s bonus game is also easy to play on a touch screen mobile device, really nice for people who like to play on the go.

    You Need To Put In The Work To Win The Jackpot

    Many reviews talk about the game being for beginners, but achieving the jackpot is the most difficult feature of this game. The general perception is that Steam Tower is for beginners, not true as even the experienced players find it difficult. The jackpot can only be achieved by reaching the top of the tower, which is extremely tough within the dynamics of the game.

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