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Play With The Gods In Viking Runecraft

The popularity of the Norse legends and Viking mythology has grown over the past few years, both on TV and in films. Now, from the Play’n GO catalogue of slots online, comes a game that is unique in its presentation and its gameplay. In Viking Runecraft online slot, you play with the Viking Gods on your side, distributing their favours wantonly and randomly as only Gods can do. Features such as free spins, bonus rounds and a jackpot win can all be yours in this Norse themed slot. The awe-inspiring graphics, 3D effects and attention to detail will grab a players attention and not let it go. The cascade engine and ongoing, challenging features, continually provide variety in the game, as well as some supreme payouts.

Dare You Enter Ragnarok To Gain Your Free Spins?

Complete the Charge of Destruction bonus twice in a spin, or during the feature add twenty more symbols, and your invitation to the Ragnarok free spins is offered. You have to work for your gift from the Gods, as the free spins are not given lightly. Fill up the Charge of Destruction meter during base game play, by finding the correct winning combinations. Twenty symbols or more will be needed to initiate the feature. You will then be awarded one of four levels. These include The Fury of Fenrir, Judgement of Jörmungandir, Scorching of Surtr and Lure of Loki. Each level offers their own incentives to increase winning paylines. Play through them all by recharging the meter, and you can then enter Ragnorak. It doesn’t end there! During the Ragnarok gameplay, you have the opportunity to play the End Of World Bonus feature. Here, the multipliers that are collected in the meter can raise your winning payout up to 15x.

Valhalla Or Ragnarok: Both Offer Tremendous Bonus Rewards

The Gods at Play’n GO have decided to offer even more. The End of The World Bonus in Ragnarok gives you a chance to gain multipliers on your wins when the Charge of Destruction meter transforms into the End of the World meter. You just need to collect enough symbols to win multipliers between 2x and 15x your winning payout. The Runes of Valhalla Bonus is where the runic symbols can lead you to a very nice cash haul. If you complete that level’s God’s pattern, you will have hopefully collected enough of the five runic patterns, to trigger the Wheel of Fortune. The more symbols, the better chance of landing on them on the fortune wheel and winning a decent cash prize.

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