European Roulette

The failed perpetual machine from the seventeeth century just got a new lease of life in the European Roulette video slot.


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From 0 To 36 ways To Win With European Roulette

Electracade’s European Roulette

Roulette is a game that has been in existence since the eighteenth century in France. The game was the result of a failed perpetual motion machine design. The original game was made up of wheels that featured a zero, double zero and numbers from one to thirty six. There are currently two versions of the game the American and the European. The European version has only one zero and the American still has two zeros. The European game has always been popular but has been revived online by the small but relevant classic video slot designer Electracade. Their version of European Roulette is one of the most popular slots online.

Changing Tradition With The European Roulette Slot

Roulette has always been enjoyed in a traditional casino setting and having it on an online platform is definitely something very new. Playing the European roulette online is definitely a lot of fun. They have taken a high-quality approach and created an almost genuine brick and mortar casino atmosphere. The foreground of this great casino masterpiece is a slowly spinning wheel. Above the reels of this game consists of the ‘little wheel’ betting table and to the left is a layout with more complex betting options. The table has only one green zero which could potentially put a pin on a player’s progress. The house edge of the European roulette is much lower than that of the American one at 2.70%. When you play casino games such as roulette you will find them very easy, you first pick chips that range from 0.20 coins to 250 coins with a maximum bet of ten thousand coins. There are many betting options in this game with the most popular being betting on single numbers that have odds of thirty-six to one. There are also other betting combinations that include red to black, high or low and odd or even. The complex options are also very varied and include options such as red splits, tiers du cylinder, black splits and visions du zero. Contrary to popular beliefs there is no proven winning system in roulette but you can always try out some fun betting systems such as the Martingale. This is a system where your bet is literally half and a half on propositions such as red and black. The catch with this system, however, is that every time that you lose you must double your stake, every time you win on the other hand you get to revert to the original stake that you had placed at the start.

Roulette For Cash At redbet UK Casino

If you are a fan of the old and classic casino games then the redbet UK casino is definitely the perfect place for you. This online gambling haven provides these classic and fun old timer gambling casino games on your mobile so that you can play them on the go. They also offer a very wide range of video slots with more modern themes such as rock music and movie titles. This casino does not discriminate and will collect its wide array of games from the largest to the smallest software designers such as Electracade who are the designers of the European roulette slot.

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