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Pontoon Professional High

Pontoon Online is a game for card players looking for a fresh challenge. Like Blackjack, it offers a game of strategy but with larger payouts.

##Pontoon Online: A Fun Change In Card Play

Pontoon Online from NetEnt offers players who like Blackjack a thrilling change. The game is very similar to Blackjack and its traditional rules but offers some nice twists in gameplay. Its mix of strategy, good odds and luck will suit players searching for something a little different and challenging. It is fun, addictive and has some high profits to add to the excitement.

###Pontoon Online: A High Rewarding Alternative

The objective of Pontoon Online is the same as in classic blackjack, to beat the dealer without going over 21. ‘Pontoon’ itself, is a 10-valued card and an Ace, which is the best possible winning combination. The key difference in this variation from NetEnt is that you can also win by having a five-card hand. Minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £40. Both the player and the dealer then receive two cards and if the dealer has ‘Pontoon’ then the player loses. If the game continues, players can choose between Hit, Twist, Split or Buy. Once players have finished, the game turns to the dealer’s cards. In this Pontoon version, the dealer will win all ties and must ‘hit’ on 16 or a soft 17. Payments are also a little different in this game. Players win equal ante if they beat the dealer. However, they win double if they land a five-card hand or a Pontoon hand. The resulting RTP is a resounding 99.64% with optimal play.

###Simple Layout For Classic Gameplay

As you would expect from NetEnt, this game comes complete with smooth, seamless graphics and sound quality. Pontoon Online has a simple and easy game layout, allowing players to navigate and play easily. The screen is filled with the traditional green playing table, complete with three betting circles. There is a selection of bet chips available at the top and a deck of cards to the right of the screen. The game controls are clearly visible and once chips have been selected, players click on the betting square. The ‘deal’ button is at the bottom of the screen, together with the other card play commands. Players can also access the rules of the game, paytable and help from the icons on the bottom left. The game allows for customisation to player preference, and the soundtrack and speed of the game can also be adjusted. Pontoon combines an outstanding design with addictive gameplay and will attract any level of player.

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