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Punto Banco Professional High

Punto Banco Online is a fast, engaging game where you predict who the winner will be. The game of choice for all fans of card games online.

##Punto Banco Online: Can You Predict The Win?

Many casino games thrill and entertain, stimulate and challenge and others are all about luck. In Punto Banco, the name says it all and it is the player against the bank. Distantly related to Baccarat this game demands no strategy other than to trust your own choices. Punto Banco online displays the NetEnt eye for detail and excellent graphics, all contributing to an interesting and exciting card game.

###Punto Banco Online: Challenge Yourself

Winning in Punto Banco Online is about choosing which hand will win: the ‘Punto’, the player, or ‘Banco’, the banker. In this Netent version, you can choose who will win, lose or tie the hand. The play is with a standard pack of cards, but the values are different. Aces are worth 1, 0-9 are worth their face value, face cards and tens are worth 0. The winning hand will be the nearest to the value of 9 without going over it. Two cards are dealt and if the value is between 0-5, a third card is dealt. If the hand’s value is ten or more, then ten is subtracted; for example, making a hand of 13 will equal 3. After choosing your bet, minimum bet £0.10, maximum bet £10, you predict who you think will win. A correct choice between player and banker will net you a 2/1 payout and a tie, a super 9/1! This game is fast, thrilling and not for the faint hearted, but really good fun with a 98.92% RTP.

###Casino Elegance While You Play Online

The Punto Banco online graphics are another example of the detail NetEnt puts into their games. The red-covered table lends an air of authenticity which, along with the sound effects, create a real casino atmosphere. As you sit at the table, your coins ranging in value, are to your right and the ‘Bet’ and ‘Rebet’ buttons directly in front of you. Make your prediction and place your bet and the cards are dealt onto the marked areas of Punto and Banco. To the left of the screen, you will see a running total of the cards played and who had the winning hand. At the end of each play, wins or losses are clearly indicated, and, as if you were live at the casino, your winnings come in coins placed in front of you. The control panel, the wrench at the bottom left, allows you to customise your screen and gameplay functions. Try it for free, but with a healthy RTP percentile, this is a game worth a commitment of real money.

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