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Single Deck Blackjack Professional Series

Blackjack single deck is an experience to excite players of all levels. Offering clean graphics, classic gameplay and a massive RTP.

##Blackjack Single Deck: Perfect For Players Of All Levels

For most seasoned gamers Blackjack is the preferred game, as following a basic strategy is proven to reduce the house edge. Blackjack Single Deck from NetEnt may be a simple version, but sometimes simple can be perfect. Optimised for smaller screens, it is ideal for all phones and mobile devices. This classically designed game will appeal to all players from beginners to seasoned experts alike.

###Blackjack Single Deck: Simple Gameplay For Big WIns

Blackjack Single Deck by NetEnt, as the name implies, uses only one standard 52 card deck. Other versions of Blackjack can use between 2 and 8 decks, making this a simpler version of the game which will appeal to all levels of player. The objective is to obtain a Blackjack or to beat the value of the dealer’s hand without going over 21. After placing bets, players click ‘Deal’ and receive 2 cards, as does the dealer. If either one has a Blackjack, the game will finish. Otherwise, the critical part of Blackjack is to stay below 21 points. Players can ‘Hit’, ‘Double’ or ‘Split’ depending upon their hand and the one closest to 21 wins the game. Players can also take insurance if the dealer has an Ace, which will offer a 2:1 payout on any winning hand. Chips are 1, 5, or 10€ with a minimum bet of 1€ and a maximum bet of 40€. This game offers a massive RTP of 99.83%, making it hugely attractive and offering some great wins.

###Clean Graphics And Familiar Layout

When the Blackjack Single Deck game is loaded, players will see the familiar green felt table. At the bottom of the screen is the player’s area, where cards are dealt and bets are placed. The deck of cards can be seen at the top right-hand side and the betting levels at the top left-hand side. The dealer’s area is in the top centre along with an impressive stack of chips. Information relating to the game is also displayed centre screen for players convenience. Chips are available to choose from in the bottom right-hand corner of the table when placing bets. Players can customise their game and have the ability to reduce the volume or turn sounds on and off using the speakerphone button. There is also an option to adjust the speed of the game via the wrench button. Clean graphics and easy gameplay make this game a thrilling experience that even beginners can enjoy.

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