The French Roulette

Spin for fun and win loads of cash in The French Roulette. Pick you favourite betting combo and watch the ball land you riches!


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The French Roulette Slot: Win Money Online

Play The French Roulette And Experience Vegas!

If you are a fan of playing roulette online, then you are in for a treat. NetEnt gaming designed this game specifically for you! The French Roulette online game offers the best odds compared to other roulette games online. Net Entertainment has brought their experience in online slot game design to the table, literally! The game is also referred to as the European Jackpot. It offers a variety of wagers that pay, along with favourable gameplay rules for both experienced and amateur players. The game graphics are crisp and clean and the table setting differs slightly from American Roulette. You will notice a casino style green carpeted table that will take you to a real casino atmosphere.

Pick A Winning Combo And Win In The French Roulette Slot

If you like to play casino games online, this new addition from NetEnt gaming will quickly get itself on your favourite casino games list. The French Roulette offers a real casino experience and is definitely worth a try! As mentioned earlier, the game differs slightly from American Roulette and one of these differences is the single zero digit feature, rather than the double zero digit that is present in American Roulette. The French Roulette offers a house edge of 2.7% ensuring the player a very fair chance of winning. When you fire up the game, you will notice a few French words, manqué, passé, impair and pair. Do not worry as the are accompanied by their English translations. To set off the gameplay, select the chip values you would like to bet and place them on the table. You have the ability to place bets on colours, groups of numbers, single numbers and any other combinations available. The game offers two types of specialist bets and you can access them by clicking either the Open Favourite Bets or Open Racetrack buttons. The Open Favourite Bets button gives you a list of betting options which will enable you to select specific groups of numbers on the wheel. The game also gives you the ability to create and save your bets for future reference and use. The Open Racetrack option is a fast way to bet on a number around the wheel. To activate it, all you have to do is place your chips on the racetrack and the options available to you will come along. After you have finished making your bets, click the green button to get the game rolling. Keep your fingers crossed as the ball bounces around and hope that it will land on one of the slots you placed your bet on. After this, all payouts are made and the game is set off one more time. The surrealism of the game will have all those players who play casino online coming back for the experience.

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redbet is an online casino and a live betting platform based in Malta. The site offers online mobile casino games including video slots and table games such as The French Roulette. They provide their services all around the world and recently just set up shop in the UK. They offer some cool casino bonus features, such as deposit bonuses for every deposit made, along with weekly promotions and offers. If you are a new user, they have something for you too! They give their new players a sign-up bonus including cash bonuses and free spins. If you are on the move, they have got you covered too. Their site is fully optimised and responsive making it easy to access from anywhere and on any mobile device.

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