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Cash out feature is here

Get your hands on your cash before the end of the match with our super rapid cash out feature!

With the new Cash-Out feature, redbet provide our players with the option of collecting their money prior to the conclusion of their relevant sporting event.
What this essentially means is the following;
If your bet is currently in a winning position, however you want to take the cash before the match is complete, you can.
If your bet’s success is still technically possible, however it looks unlikely, a redbet Cash-Out guarantees a player a pay-out.
If you have an accumulator bet and do not necessarily wish to wait for the culmination of all events within said accumulator, you may take the “Cash-Out” offer and guarantee a pay-out without the last event’s having taken place/finishing.

The redbet ‘Cash-Out’ feature provides two distinct types of Cash-Out for our players to choose from.

Full Cash-Out; Upon clicking the “Cash-Out” option a player will take the entirety of the funds on offer therefore the original bet in question will no longer stand.

Partial Cash-Out; By selecting a partial Cash-Out, a player can get their hands on any offered amount but also leave a percentage of their original stake “to run”. Essentially it offers security, as a player is guaranteed funds from their selection but can also leave a portion of their original bet to play through and “see how it goes”.

Cash-Out gives the player the best of both worlds!

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