redbet MTT Missions

redbet MTT Missions


To warm you up, redbet is giving extra value to regular tournament players.

Between 5th November and 2nd December 2018, we are giving our players the chance to gain extra tickets to their favourite tournaments… just by playing their favourite tournaments!

The promotion is divided into four separate weeks:
Week 1 – 5th-11th November 2018
Week 2 – 12th-18th November 2018
Week 3 – 19th-25th November 2018
Week 4 – 26th November-2nd December 2018

In each week, if you play the SAME tournament FIVE times, you will receive a ticket for that tournament on the Sunday of that week.
Each week, five specific tournaments are selected at various times and buyin levels, and you can see this week’s selection above.
You can choose to play one, or all, of the tournaments listed, and the extra Sunday ticket will be awarded when you play THE SAME tournament FIVE times.
As a bonus, if the tournament format you play five times in a week is a rebuy format, you will receive two tickets for the Sunday final to allow you to use one as a rebuy.

Each week is unique, so you start again each time; awarded tickets are only valid for the specific Sunday of that week.
If you play the €11 “Daily Express” at 20:00GMT on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you will receive 1 x €11 “Daily Express” ticket for use on Sunday.
If you play the €5.50 “Turbo Rebuy” at 14:00GMT on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you will receive 2 x €5.50 “Turbo Rebuy” tickets for use on Sunday.

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Terms and Conditions

1) All general terms and conditions of redbet membership apply.
2) All standard terms and conditions of redbet poker room apply.
3) redbet MTT Missions is open for participation to any player who can lawfully place real money wagers in redbet’s poker room.
4) GMT is the standard time format applied to all tournaments.
5) This promotion starts at 00:01 on November 5th 2018 and ends at 23:59 on the 2nd December 2018.
6) There are four separate periods of participation within the promotional period:
a. Week 1 – 5th-11th November 2018
b. Week 2 – 12th-18th November 2018
c. Week 3 – 19th-25th November 2018
d. Week 4 – 26th November-2nd December 2018
7) Tournament participation is unique to the specific week. ie: a tournament played in Week1 will not count towards the extra ticket for Week2.
8) To receive the extra ticket(s) for each week’s final, players must participate in the same tournament FIVE times in that week.
9) When a player has played the same tournament five times they will receive a notification in game, and a ticket for that week’s final will be credited.
10) Tickets credited for the week’s final are non-transferable, and if not used that for the final that week, they will expire.
11) Players who choose a rebuy format tournament and play this five times in a week will receive and extra, generic ticket that has a 7 day expiry date. Freezout tournaments played five times will award one final tournament ticket only.
12) There will no cash refunds or offer of value for expired or unused tickets.
13) Redbet reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend or amend the promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
14) It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that it is legal for them to place real money wager on redbet. If in doubt, contact redbet customer support.
15) The availability of this promotion should not be construed as an offer or invitation to use the promotion in any country or jurisdiction where such use is not permitted
16) Full details of specific tournaments can be found here: redbetLIVE.com

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