Sportsbook upgrades!

Sportsbook upgrades!

At redbet we had a vision - to create a super-fast sportsbook that is easy to navigate
and offers our customers exactly what they want.

That is why we are so excited to launch the new and improved version of our sportsbook!

We’ve given the site some serious upgrades that will give you massively enhanced
load speeds so you never miss a bet, whether you are using our
lightning quick mobile platform or betting from home.

What else have we improved?

Our cash out feature has been supercharged:
More bets are available to cash out and our markets are open for longer,
giving you more cash out opportunities.

Horse racing has been added to the new sportsbook:
So whether you are a fan of the flats or jumps you have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

We’ve added a load of statistics and data:
To make sure you can make the most informed bets possible we have added
a rich statistics and data package so that you can see recent form, head-to-head history
and other vital bits of information that give you that extra insight.

Excellent promotions:
Look out for free bets, boosted odds and exclusive customer competitions.

The new and improved redbet sportsbook.
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