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Version 1, updated 2017-03-03

1. Poker rules

Evoke Poker General

The poker service offered on the Site is provided by the online poker network Microgaming, made available by Prima Poker Ltd and commonly known as MPN (Microgaming Poker Network).

2. Prohibited Use of Poker Account

2.1 No bots/ artificial intelligence

2.1.1 Player must not use bot software or artificial intelligence, whether commercially obtained or privately developed, when playing Poker on the Site. ’Bots’ are software programs or other devices which interact with the game software to play poker, while requiring little or no human intervention. Bots may use rules or artificial intelligence to make playing decisions.

2.1.2 By accepting these Terms and Conditions you as a Player consent to Gaming Operator actively looking for such software on your machine. Consent will also establish that You will not interfere with any of the detection mechanisms.

2.1.3 Paragraph 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 applies regardless of whether the bot is actually used in conjunction with the Games or otherwise.

2.2 No Prohibited Software

2.2.1 Other types of software are also prohibited. These include but are not limited to software which:

  • Gives You any sort of unfair advantage;
  • Shares hole cards among players or assists collusion or cheating in any way;
  • Utilizes a database of hands or player profiles which is shared between players;
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for a human to make decisions (for example, tools which automatically fold specific starting hands);
  • Is designed to datamine (i.e. gather hands or player profiles from the game client beyond which the Player has observed from their own play) for any purpose whether personal or commercial.
  • Provides real-time advice on the action to take during play (including ICM analysis tools);
  • Attempts to block any of our fraud and cheating detection mechanisms.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you as a Player consent to Gaming Operator actively looking for such software on your machine. Consent will also establish that You will not interfere with any of the detection mechanisms. This clause applies regardless of whether the bot is actually used in conjunction with the Games or otherwise.

2.3 Datamining

2.3.1 Datamining is a practice whereby a Player gathers data on hands played or opponents playing styles, without actually playing in those hands or against those opponents. It is prohibited and any data gathered by a Player must come from their own playing experience at the tables.

2.3.2 Player is prohibited from performing datamining for any purpose including personal or commercial use.

2.3.3 Player is prohibited from using any of the data which has been obtained by datamining, whether the data was obtained by the player themselves or by anyone else

2.3.4 Player is prohibited from sharing any legitimately gathered data with other players.

2.4 No Collusion

2.4.1 It is prohibited for players to act as a team, with or without prior explicit agreement, to the actual or possible detriment of other players in the game. As a Player you must:

  • Always play in your own best interests;Not work together with another player to gain an advantage;Not ‘soft play’ against friends – i.e. You must play just as aggressively somebody You know as You would against an unknown opponent utilizing the same strategy;
  • Not ‘chip dump’ – i.e. You must not intentionally lose hands or manipulate the gameplay in order to transfer funds to any other player;
  • Not share card information with any other player;
  • Not play in the same cash game or Sit ‘n’ Go tournament as any player in which You have a financial interest - i.e. You should not play in the same games as anyone with whom You have a staking, swap, profit sharing or bankroll sharing agreement;
  • Not encourage any other player to collude;

These rules apply whether or not any actual demonstrable harm has been caused to other players.

2.5 One Account per Player

2.5.1 Utilizing multiple accounts, perhaps to gain an unfair advantage, is a form of ‘Multiple Account Abuse’.
2.5.2 Players are permitted to have more than one account on the MPN, as long as each account is with a different gaming operator. Player may under no circumstances log into the poker network with more than one account at the same time. Even if the accounts are with different gaming operators.
2.5.3 Player must not attempt to bypass any of the restrictions which prevent the creation and / use of multiple accounts.

2.6 No Account Sharing

2.6.1 Players must not share their account, under any circumstances, with any other person.

  • You must keep your credentials (alias, password, and any other information used to access your Player’s account) secret and not reveal them to any other person;
  • You may not allow any other person to use your account under any circumstances;
  • You may not use any account other than your own.

2.7 No Gold Farming

2.7.1 It is strictly prohibited for a Player to play poker on the behalf of an employer, perhaps being funded by the employer or playing according to a strategy provided by the employer. Gold Farms are considered to be sweatshops consisting of ‘human bots’ and are prohibited for similar reasons.

  • You must play on your own behalf and in your own best interests;
  • You are forbidden to play on behalf of an employer, sweat shop, ‘gold farm’ or any form of team or co-operative is strictly forbidden.

2.8 No Angleshooting

2.8.1 Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other players, whether specifically prohibited by the rules or not, is strictly prohibited.
2.8.2 Any activity that is designed to give a Player an unfair advantage, but which may be allowed under a strict interpretation of the rules, due to a loophole or due to unintended software characteristics is still prohibited.

2.9 No Problem Gamblers

2.9.1 It is prohibited for anybody with a gambling problem to sign up for an account or play under any circumstances. If a player discovers that s/he has a gambling problem, s/he is required to inform Gaming Operator and cease play immediately.

2.10 The Player’s Account Can Be Locked / Closed Without Prior Notice

2.10.1 Gaming Operator reserve the right to lock and/or permanently close the Player’s account at Gaming Operator’s discretion and without prior notice. This is done with the aim of stopping fraudulently obtained funds from being withdrawn, performing investigations and for any other reason Gaming Operator deem fit.

2.11 The Funds in the Player’s Account Can Be Seized

2.11.1 In case of any violation of either the poker rules or the general Terms and Conditions, Gaming Operator reserve the right to seize all of the funds in the Player’s account, including deposited money, and to reverse any withdrawals that may be pending. This includes but is not limited to, obtaining funds fraudulently, cheating, and unethical play.

2.12 General Terms and Conditions

2.12.1 As always, general Terms and Conditions apply (click to view)

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